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For us, improvements must be measurable. We must be able to see a positive change in the key performance indicators aligned with your business strategies.

Below is a brief overview of some of the mandates MTE Melior has executed to date:

Transactional process time reduction – Printing sector
While losing market share due to considerable lead times in comparison with its competitors, a major printing house decided to try the Kaïzen approach. The employees involved successfully reduced lead times by 38%, the number of required documents by 90% and the number of required steps by 54% through waste elimination and the implementation of cellular manufacturing managed based on a pull-flow approach.

Operating cost reduction – Mining sector
In a context where the price of gold was lower than operating costs, a major mining company responded by deploying a full slate of productivity improvement measures based on Lean and Six Sigma tools. Thanks to some 50 week-long Kaïzen workshops, savings in excess of CAD$13.5M have been achieved so far due to increased productivity of mining operations, greater overall equipment efficiency (OEE) and the implementation of concepts such as the pull flow approach and value-added production.

Quality improvement – Manufacturing sector
Following difficulties meeting specifications for a certain product line and, consequently, the imminent threat of losing a client representing approximately one-quarter of its revenues, a metal pipe manufacturer turned to the Six Sigma approach. Within a short period of time, the root cause of the problem was clearly identified through the use of Six Sigma statistical tools. Improvements were made in both the process and measurement system. As a result, the compliance rate increased from 73% to 95% in less than three months and the firm avoided losing a major client.

Growth Management – Manufacturing sector
A banner company that was unable to keep up with demand capitalized on its existing resources by implementing a Kaïzen approach. By redefining the facility layout and optimizing the employees’ workstations, a continuous flow of products was created while keeping inventory on the floor to a minimum. The 22% capacity increase recorded was directly translated into sales.

Capacity Increase - Mining sector
When underground operations were unable to maintain the supply of ore to the refining plant, a mining company relied on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing to remedy the situation. A team of miners redesigned the recovery techniques and implemented the one-piece flow approach in the daily cycle. The result led to capacity and flexibility increases corresponding to an annual income growth of CAD$1.5M.


“We have achieved cost savings and capacity increases that we would never have reached without the support and the tools provided by the MTE Melior team. Furthermore, it had a tremendous positive impact on the motivation of our employees."

“Several specific practices are available to companies who wish to raise their employees’ involvement in their organizational performance. These means of innovation and continuous improvement are profitable only if the process takes place under a system that integrates the strategy and objectives of the company. This is one of the elements emphasized by the MTE Melior team in order to help us generate significant results, and that is what sets them apart from most of their competitors.”

Serge Vézina
Vice President, Operations
IAmGold (Cambior)

“It's the first time that consultants come here and leave without producing a report. Improvements and new working methods are already in place!”   
Frank Salvaggio
General Manager
Ross-Ellis Printing
Transcontinental Group

“I enjoyed an extremely rewarding experience during our Kaïzen workshops. The tools I learned to use will serve me not only in my professional life, but in my personal life as well. Each team member worked very hard and everyone’s contribution was significant since it generated a multitude of constructive ideas. We experienced ups and downs, but we finally succeeded.”

Diane Touchette
Customer Service Representative
Imprimerie Gagné
Transcontinental Group